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Mex Group’s Finance International Summit Forum Aroused Great Impact in Hangzhou

2019-9-24 12:29 | By : moqiong

On 21st Sep 2019, Mex Group successfully held Finance International Summit Forum with Y.O.C.A in New Century Hotel, Hangzhou. This forum aroused great impact.

Mex Group brings the latest industry news, combination of fintech and trading for investors and IBs who are from mainland China, which gives them deeply impression on its brand and first-class technologies. This forum was followed by all exhibitions and seminars held in Shenzhen, New Zealand, Taibei and Shanghai.

At 1:30 p.m., investors and IBs began to attend this summit and signed up on the panel and lottery-ticket.

This summit forum seminar is mainly aimed at veteran IBs and enthusiastic investors who want to be IB. After hostess making presentation, we had the first prize’s draw to express Mex Group’s best wishes for investors from afar.

MEX’s Quantitative Analyst Mr. Leonardo Lee with the 3rd Winner Group Photo

After that, Venus of Mex Group leader introduced its development, benefits and how to grasp investment opportunities and so on. By doing this, attendants have known more about Mex Group’s advantages and missions, experience the different finance service as well.

Mr. Leonardo Lee, the Quantitative Analyst of Mex Group, introduced a valuable topic of the Combination of Fintech and Forex Trading. Mr. Lee explained trading methods and analyzed the conditions of financial market, which gave attendants a better chance to understand the volatility of international finance market, how to choose a better strategy for the diversity of trading.

Next, it’s time for award-winning question and tea break. Guests enjoy the delicious food, whilst having enough time to communicate and share their opinions.

MEX’s Leader Venus with 2nd Winner Group Photo

In this summit, we invited professor Yuehua Shao, a well-known fx analyst and special trader of CCTV securities information channel, to share his skills of how to make stable profits in the financial market. His speech attracted a lot of people’s attention, gained a huge response with investors.

Except the investment knowledge sharing, Mex Group also gave attendants gorgeous gifts- iPad mini5. It always meets the pursuit of Mex Group to make gifts along the way for friends.

Professor Yuehua Shao with 1st Winner Group Photo

The great time is always go by fast. Attendants have deeply impression by the Hangzhou Summit. We thank everyone who joined us at our Hangzhou Seminar. If you are interested in attending future events, please follow us on our social media or website for updates. We always right here waiting for you.